BRIESE Award for Marine Science

Since 2010 the shipping company Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG (Leer, Germany), together with the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW), grants the „BRIESE-award for Marine Science”. 

This annual award honours exceptional doctoral theses in marine science. The dissertations should closely relate to the use of research vessels and to the development of technologies and/or techniques of data acquisition at sea. 
Primary criterions for the award are the outstanding results of the dissertation and their importance for the marine science.
The prize is donated with 5.000 €
Application is open to scientists who graduated within the last 2 years from a German university with grades of very good (magna cum laude) or with honors (summa cum laude). 


14th Briese-Award - 21st of May. 2024: Dr. Hagen Buck-Wiese
The jury honours his outstanding research, in which he investigates the role of carbohydrates in marine metabolic processes, thus gaining important new insights into their role in carbon sequestration. The resulting carbon sink, the relevance of which was previously unknown and is becoming increasingly important in today's social debate, emphasises the importance of his research.
Picture: IOW

13th Briese-Award - 14th of January 2023: Dr. Luisa von Albedyll
The jury recognizes her outstanding research, which contributes significantly to the understanding of dynamic processes that affect the thickness of polar sea ice.
Picture: IOW

12th Briese-Award - 22nd of April 2022: Dr. Kathrin Busch
The jury honors her outstanding research on deep-sea sponges and the microorganisms living in them.
Picture: IOW

11th Briese-Award - 24th of September 2021: Dr. Christoph Böttner
The jury is honoring his outstanding research on the question how fluids - liquids and gases - spread in marine sediments.
Picture: IOW

10th Briese-Award - 12th of March 2020: Dr.Katharina Kitzinger
The jury honors their outstanding research on key processes in the nitrogen cycle in the sea, the microorganisms involved and the special features of their metabolism.
Picture made by IOW (D. Amm)
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9th Briese-Award - 19th of February 2019 : Dr. Jens Müller
Theme : Particularities of ocean acidification in coastal and coastal seas.
Picture made by IOW (Beck)
8th Briese-Award - 7th of February 2018 : Dr. Soeren Ahmerkamp.
Theme : Regulation of Oxygen dynamics by Transport Processes and microbial respiration in sandy sediments
Picture made by IOW (Beck)

7th Briese-Award - 20th of January 2017 : Dr. Timm Schoening
Theme: Automated detection in benthic images for megafauna classification and marine exploration

6th Briese-Award - 27th of May 2016 : Dr. Henry Bittig
Theme: Towards a quantum leap in oceanic oxygen observation - from oxygen optode characterization to autonomous observation of gas exchange and net community production

5th Briese-Award - 28th of April 2015 : Dr. Cathleen Schlundt
Theme: Role of marine biogene Gase in the climate-system

4th Briese Award - 14th of February 2014 : Dr. Daniel Zitterbart
Theme: locomtion in biological systems

3rd Briese Award - 14th of January 2013 : Dr. Lena Menzel and Dr. Verena Salman
Theme of Dr. Menzel : „Argestidae Por, 1986 (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) in the deep sea – systematics and geographical distribution“. Theme of Dr Salman: „Diversity studies and molecular analyses with single cells and filaments of large, colorless sulfur bacteria“

2nd Briese Award -1st of February 2012 : Dr. Tobias Goldhammer
Theme : Isotope insights into the phosphorus cycle of marine sediments

1st Briese Award - 16th of April 2010 : Dr. Stephan A. Klapp
Theme: Gashydrate